Frequently asked questions

What are Wayuu Bags?

Wayuu bags are crochet bags, handcrafted by (tipically) Wayuu Women, which are part of the largest group of indigenous designers in Latin America. Weaving every thread with a combination of ancient techniques they produce colorful garments for your daily use.

How are Wayuu Bags produced?

Wayuu Women weave every garment by hand taking 2 – 4 weeks to produce every bag. The time depends on the complexity of the patterns and the skills of the weaver. As adolescent girls transcend to womanhood they are confined and isolated from the tribe for months or sometimes even for years. During this time, they are taught the art of weaving. They gain knowledge and skills that stem from their elders.

What are the social benefits of buying a MÜSÜ bag?

Firstly, as a starting enterprise we aim to dedicate 5% of the revenues to provide medical journeys to Indigenous Tribes in Venezuela and Colombia.
Secondly, we pay fair prices to small Wayuu bags producers, while covering sending costs fully. These bags are produced in a sustainable way, including raw materials, processing techniques and working conditions. Thirdly, all packaging options are biodegradable. In addition, a tree is being planted after every dispatched order! Lastly, we cover emissions for every shipping in/out the company

What does MÜSÜ mean?

“MÜSÜ” means “SHE SAID”. A direct translation made from the Wayuunaiki Language, spoken by the Wayuu. MÜSÜ was chosen to be the name of the company as we want to amplify the voice of Women working in the Indigenous Fashion Industry. They provide for their families through the commercialization of their fashion items and homeware.