Müsü has put the spotlight on indigenous apparel. Creating well-rounded solutions to the existing burdens that this sector is facing ‘step by step’ tribe by tribe. 


Müsü was conceptualized in 2019 with the goal of putting a spotlight on Indigenous fashion in the European Market.  We sell handmade fashion products from the Wayuu tribe who inhabit the Guajira desert in Colombia and Venezuela. The Wayuu people have a long history and tradition of creating Mochila bags and many other accessories by traditional and ritualistic methods with natural wool. 

Nowadays in Europe, you can find Wayuu-style fashion everywhere, what we aim to do is to turn the attention back to the original creators. The Wayuu have persevered in their methods of slow fashion and have kept their art and culture intact. Müsü wants to bring the products and message straight to you in order to support the tribe.

Many fashion industries have appropriated the creation of these unique pieces and have turned it into a highly profitable fast fashion.

Müsü aims to reduce the burden the fashion industry is causing to the environment and to local tribes in South America and bring the authentic Wayuu products back to Europe.


Social-wise the company strives for an overall improvement on the working conditions, wages, and transparency. Covering even for more basic needs such as medical care, feminine hygiene products, food, and clean water, adapting to each and every indigenous community’s most pressing needs.


Environmental-wise the company strives for an overall improvement in terms of sustainability of materials used, transport and packaging of the product